Land Development

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

Land Development

We understand. We guide. We develop.

We believe in understanding client’s objectives, give development guidance and create a pathway for their project that offers certainty and confidence. Whatever is our client’s requirement, a feasibility study for their site or a master plan, a complete project design and delivery services or the development of a design brief – we offer them all and are flexible to work as per their timeframes and requirements.
Our collaborative approach with our clients, gives us the ability to develop functional spaces with commercial reality in their budget to maximize the revenue.

Archemist’s encompasses an expert land development consulting team that provide services related to the full lifecycle development of buildings, bungalows, resorts or week-end homes – from design to the construction and refurbishment stages.
Our sustainability consulting process has a holistic approach. Starting with the regional context, we proceed with land planning and carry the concepts through design to construction. Archemist considers sustainability in all aspect of the project to maximize progressive results for our clients and communities.







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