Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

how we work

Together we create Unique Spaces

Archemist is a boutique-style architectural firm that focuses on customer-driven design approach. Our firm comprises of seasoned architects, designers and a group of highly skilled “in-house” thinkers. Working closely with our clients, our amazing team works with greater efficiency and project control in 3 key areas: 1) Quality control 2) Timeline control and 3) Cost control. This “in-house” approach coupled with our 35+ years of collaborative experience is a key reason why Archemist is a preferred architectural firm for many of our clients.

For us every architectural creation is a holistic philosophy, we believe that the interior and the exterior of every structure is related organically. Each of our design is unique because each of our customer is unique. At Archemist, our clients ride along with us on a joyful journey of ideation, planning, designing and implementation. From modest residences, to functional office spaces, to cultural or educational facilities, hotels or resorts, hospitals,  to commercial buildings and beyond, our architectural projects are rigorously simple, spatially rich, and thoughtfully designed. We also specialize in Land development Consultation.

Established in 2014, we are recognized in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and all around India for creating Green, Sustainable and Minimalistic spaces.

Why choose us

Futuristic, sustainable and customized architectural solutions

Our exclusive, elite designs, based on in-depth study of surroundings and architectural heritage, combined with our vision for the future, helps us achieve the best results.
Our innovative solution fits your complex situation. We expertise in the development and production of customer-oriented spaces/land with a collaborative approach. Balancing advanced ideas with elegance, we design buildings that fit into their neighborhoods. We are fluent in the language of aesthetics, surroundings, environment, and proportion, and we engage our clients into a creative conversations.
So, come and join us in the conversion and let’s create something marvelous.

At Archemist, we emphasize on simplicity, natural light, and reflective concrete to maintain health and harmony at the core of our architectural designs.
We are on a mission to maximize creativity, create green spaces and build sustainable landmarks that encourage people to do finest work of their lives.
At Archemist, our philosophy is simple. We believe in ethical practice. Additionally, we are committed to deliver excellence and empower our client with our knowledge and experience to build relationship on trust and respect.


Ar. Jayesh Kulkarni

Ar. Jayesh Kulkarni

Co-Founder & Principal Architect

Goraksh Patil

Goraksh Patil

Co-Founder & Interior Designer

Ar. Ketan Gurav

Ar. Ketan Gurav

Team Lead

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