Architectural Services

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

Architectural Services

We research. We plan. We construct.

Archemist offers First-Class Architectural Services with proper tools and customizable workflows that go past exploration and results into development. The practical issues related to structure, materiality, fabrication details and constructability come into picture as the concept matures into concrete solutions.
Our portfolio include all facets of residential and mixed-use development across public as well as private sectors. Our success stands on the depth of our knowledge that emphasise on constructing Green Sustainable Architecture with quality. Our ability to apply a broad range of in-house interdisciplinary resources helps us in delivering successful projects.

The transformation of virtual to real presents diverse challenges.
We believe the best architecture is a blend of the separate elements that reflects the character of a building. Our architects and engineers work together creatively and combine their knowledge to develop cohesive, sustainable design solutions.
Architectural services is the core of our business and we are passionate about quality design and practical solutions that add value for our clients. Our every project delivers a distinctive, high quality architectural response, which is strengthened by our clear design philosophy.







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