Gopani Metal Industries – Interior Design Project

Industrial Temple


Location – Taloja MIDC, Navi Mumbai Area of site – 64 sq.ft. Type – Religious (Temple Interior) Client – Gopani Metal Industries Cost – 1.5 Lakhs

Interior Design

A temple is a positive source of energy development. The idol should be placed such that it should be visible from the entrance to the plot and it should balance the viewers thought process. This was the requirement of the owner of the Gopani metal industry. Thus the design was functionalized to be of the natural color palette. The structure is made to accommodate 4 people in the sanctum and the doors are made to have a view from the entrance.

The Light Source is maintained from the side giving the temple its serene identity by the introduction of diffused light. Temple is now the concentration of positive energy and source of serenity, bliss, and blessing from divine.

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Let's Build Something